Goals for 2016

I don’t make new years resolutions. They don’t make sense to me. Anything can be done at any time. If you need to wait until monday or Jan 1st then you’re just making too many excuses.
I don’t ever make new year resolutions but last year I made a wish list regarding my athletic development: 90kg Clean and Jerk, 70kg Snatch, get better at double unders and muscle ups. Everything came true except for the 70kg snatch. But hey, the year is not over YET! :)

Why am I telling you this? Because I know it works. Putting the things you want black on white is so much more powerful than living by “how things go” or even worse: complaining about xyz. Put it on paper, make a plan and then execute. Be as specific as possible. Writing down “I want to be better at CrossFit” is not a specific goal. What exactly do you want to get better at? How are you going to get better at it?


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The Hottest CrossFit Women

You’ve seen articles like this one many times before. “Top 10 CrossFit Hotties”, “Top 5 Women that Lift More Than You and Still Look Perfect Doing So”. And every time in those articles you stumble upon the same old names – Annie Thorisdottir, Julie Founcher, Andrea Ager, Christmas Abbott, Camille Leblanc-Bazinet and so on and so on… (more…)

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