STOP cheating on your Workout!

I would say that atleast 90% of people cheat on their first couple CrossFit workouts.

Sometimes they don’t want to feel exposed as “unfit”, sometimes they’re afraid to die (fair enough) and most of the time they just don’t understand how to perform the workout/movement properly yet.

Everything for that one rep....really?
Everything for that one rep….really?

However, after a few weeks or months, people get the hang of it. They also comprehend that if they want to get fit, they can’t half ass their workout. Not for any reason other than an injury or lack of mobility.

They are aware of the fact that they are doing this for themselves and nobody else.

It is said “if you cheat on your reps you are only cheating yourself.”

Because let’s be honest: you’re not as good as you make yourself appear to be and you’re never going to get better. Basically, you’ll never even know IF you’ve gotten better because you don’t have realistic scores to look back at.

You might even get hurt by doing the movement wrong. Really, cheating has no positive side to it.


But not only are you cheating yourself; you are also cheating the people around you and it’s pissing them off. Seriously! After 3 or 4 months (or longer…) of CrossFit, please don’t tell your coach you didn’t “know” you were supposed to go below parallel. PLEASE!


I am a firm believer of the saying “How you do anything is how you do everything”. If you cheat on your CrossFit workouts, you probably cheat yourself through life as well.

If I’m your coach and I see you cheat, I will call you out one, two, maybe three times. After that I will still bother you but at the same time you’ve lost my respect as an athlete and as a person.


Think about how your attitude in CrossFit is reflecting on your life.

By not cheating on your workouts, you will experience better training results and better friendships in life.


What’s it gonna be?!


– Elli

Suprfit-Athlete Elli Hachmann
Suprfit-Athlete Elli Hachmann

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