Importance of implementing Mobility into your Workout Routine

More and more people at CrossFit Gyms are understanding the importance of implementing mobility into their daily workout routine.

But many still don’t exactly know when to do mobility, for how long and what type of style is appropriate before and after workouts or on rest days

Here are some basics:

1. Pre-Workout (10-15 Minutes)

  • do a general warm-up (maybe a 5 Min row, run or even a yoga flow like the sun salutation)
  • get two lacrosse balls and mobilize your upper spine for 2-3 minutes
  • take a PVC pipe and mobilitze your shoulders 1 minute
  • pick 2-3 muscle groups that are relevant for your workout and role them out (each atleast 40-60 seconds)
  • strategically pick 4-5 dynamic stretches that will prepare you for your workout and do those for a minimum 5 minutes

2. Post-Workout

  • immediately after the workout, role out all muscle groups that feel tight (1-2 Minutes per muscle)
  • pick 4-5 static stretches and hold those for approx. 30-45 seconds
  • go for a 5-7 min easy jog or row

3. On rest days

  • take 20-40 minutes
  • do a general warm up (5-10 minutes of rowing, running, yoga flow)
  • role out all sore muscle groups (60-120 seconds at least)
  • pick 6-12 static stretches that you want to hold for a minimum of 2-3 minutes (you can move in an out of the stretch if it becomes too uncomfortable)

Want to learn more? Check out my Yoga 4 Athletes Facebook page for workshop dates.

– Elli

Suprfit-Athlete Elli Hachmann
Suprfit-Athlete Elli Hachmann

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