The Hottest CrossFit Women

You’ve seen articles like this one many times before. “Top 10 CrossFit Hotties”, “Top 5 Women that Lift More Than You and Still Look Perfect Doing So”. And every time in those articles you stumble upon the same old names – Annie Thorisdottir, Julie Founcher, Andrea Ager, Christmas Abbott, Camille Leblanc-Bazinet and so on and so on…

But there are more girls out there competing and crushing weights for time and at the same time looking like Miss World contestants. Some of them are young and wild, others are super moms, but what thing they all have in common is that they embrace their natural beauty. Here’s a list of my favourite women at this years CrossFit Games.

CrossFit Chyna Cho always with a smile on her face
Beautiful Chyna Cho always with a smile on her face

Chyna Cho

To me Chyna Cho is perfection from head to toe. She appears bright and happy all the time, always smiling and having fun while staying focused. She is not only a great CrossFit athlete, but also an amazing weightlifter and competitor. What really adds to her charms is her dedication to the sport of fitness and her will power to get her spot back at the Games.

Fully focused, Lil Fish proves what CrossFit is all about
Fully focused, Lil Fish proves what CrossFit is all about

Lauren Fisher

Following the steps of her older brother Garret Fisher, Lil Fish shows great strength and power, but also femininity and beauty. She is only 20 years old and has achieved so much in her life that she’s turned into a role model for women and little girls all over the world and Lauren wants them “to see that they can be strong and healthy in whatever they’re doing in life.”

Beauty and the Beast in one strong CrossFit body
Beauty and the Beast in one strong body

Kara Webb

I first noticed Kara at the CrossFit Invitationals last year in Berlin. The only thing I could think about while watching her break thruster after thruster in Team “Jackie” was “These quads are majestic!”. Seriously, you can’t not fall in love with her thunder thighs. Besides that she has an adorable smile and looks like a generally happy person, spreading out confidence and charm among her fans.

Strong is the new sexy in CrossFit
Strong is the new sexy

Elisabeth Akinwale

One word – booty. And from this booty comes incredible strength – 90 kg hang snatch at the CrossFit Regionals this year and a 110 kg clean and jerk at the Games last year. But this CrossFit hottie earned my respect with the fact that she is a great, loving and caring mama. As a single mom she manages to take care of a cute little boy and stay on the top at every competition. Take a note, ladies!

CrossFit's own Wonder Woman
CrossFit’s Wonder Woman

Lauren Brooks

Another hot CrossFit mom is Lauren Brooks. Juggling between being a parent and a role model of two kids and training and competing, Lauren Brooks manages to always keep her spirit high. Not only that, but when she is not working out and doing the impossible just like Wonder Woman, she switches to her alter ego and embraces her beauty and accents her femininity with tight-fitting dresses and high heels.

Some other mentionable beauties:

Brooke Ence
Katie Hogan
Kate Brierley
Lindsey Valenzuela
Gretchen Kittelberger

What are your favourite CrossFit athletes on the women’s side?

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