Every CrossFitter should do biceps curls!

So far, you needed a secret membership at a Globogym to feel free to do biceps curls.
God forbid you did them at a CrossFit Affiliate!!!
But let me tell you, those days are over. You no longer have to hide!

Most CrossFitters would argue that a biceps curl is worthless because it isn’t functional.
That is also the reason why many of them have shoulder problems!
(So called “shoulder impingement” being the most common.)
Those who have shoulder problems rarely get rid of them because all they do is quit lifting heavy for a while and then try to do CrossFit again. Ever notice that?
They might train the rotator cuff a little because someone told them it would help.
Most of the time, that’s not enough though.
There are a lot of different therapeutic options here but let’s talk about the most over-looked:

The bicep curl!

Why, you ask?

First of all, part of the biceps inserts in the bicipital groove. It is a depressant of the humerus and pulls the humerus head out of the shoulder, taking the pressure off the supraspinatus tendon and bursa which are typically inflamed in an impingement.

Secondly, most of the movements in CrossFit involve a pronated grip (olympic lifts, deadlift, pull ups, toes to bar, …). If you never train your arm in a supinated position, your forearm will get stuck in pronation which is the same as inner rotation. Guess what’s next to follow? Right, your shoulder will be stuck in inner rotation as well. Another common convenience for impingement. You can train your rotator cuff all day everyday and that won’t do anything until you’ve opened your ellbow position!

If you never train your biceps isolated, it will be prone for injury. A guy I know tore his biceps tendon because of this at a competition that involved atlas stone ground to overhead- a movement where your biceps is in an isometric contraction almost completely isolated.

There it is guys! The Bicep Curl is not only recommended, but is necessary to be as efficient as possible and to prevent injury at the same time.

Don’t skip biceps curls!


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