There are more parallels between CrossFit and Yoga than you might think!

Why CrossFit and Yoga are the perfect match!

People say they’re not fit enough for CrossFit just as much as they say they aren’t flexible enough for Yoga. That’s like saying you’re too dirty to take a bath!

We train CrossFit to not “suck at life” as much as we do Yoga to not “get stuck” in life (or our joints, for that matter). And while our body is just the vehicle, our mind is the engine that can make you or break you (literally). Have you ever done a great workout with a negative mindset? Yah, me neither.

Same with Yoga. It’s not what you can do, it’s how you do it that makes you the better Athlete.

You’d think CrossFit and Yoga could not be more opposite. Well, on the outside that may seem so. Looking more closely, however, they have more in common and compliment each other more than you might expect….

There are more parallels between CrossFit and Yoga than you might think!
There are more parallels between CrossFit and Yoga than you might think!

Here are 4 examples of how CrossFit and Yoga make the perfect match:

  1. They keep you in the present moment.

We live in a time where we are always on the go. We hardly spend time just being. And even when we have a moment of peace, we usually spend it checking facebook or instagram.

“We achieve so little in our lives, because we have undisciplined minds.”

(Marianne Williamson)

Our body is always in the present moment. Our mind, however, tends to be either in the past or the future. We mess up our job interview, because we aren’t centered. We can’t focus on our Split Jerk, because our constant internal chatter has us distracted. By focusing on our breath and movements when we do Yoga, we discipline the mind. By being able to focus on the exact task at hand in CrossFit, we can get better at what we are doing. Also,I find it hard to think about my problems when I’m in the midst of a 21-15-9 Workout, don’t you? That’s the magic.

  1. Learning by doing.

Many folks who think about starting either CrossFit or Yoga often say this: “I have to do some cardio first before I can endure a CrossFit Workout” or “I have to get back in shape before I can do Yoga.” (Of course not you. But I bet someone you know, haha)

The truth is, you can’t prepare yourself for Burpees and Box Jumps by going for a 30 minute jog twice a week. And you won’t be more flexible by sitting around waiting to be “ready”.

CrossFit and Yoga both require a lifetime of learning, growing and changing. You never get to stop and say “Im done”. Not even Rich Froning does that. Like in life, there is always room for improvement no matter where you’re at.

  1. Beginners Mind.

Buddhist also call this “the empty mind”. An empty mind has room for new information. Kids are a great example for this because they don’t think they know it all. Thus, they remain open to new experiences. Thats how we grow. That’s how we get better. That’s where things get real.

  1. Fast and easy

Anything claiming to be fast and easy probably won’t get you satisfying results:

You don’t get fit by going to the Gym once every other week. You don’t get flexible by doing the 3 same stretches whenever you feel like it after a workout. And if you don’t cultivate fitness on a regular basis, your muscles will eventually become weak and less flexible.

Same with your mental musculature by the way! If you don’t practice Yoga and Meditation on a regular basis, finding peace within will always be hard. CrossFit and Yoga are not fast and easy (Well, CrossFit can be fast sometimes… but NEVER easy!!).

What CrossFit and Yoga both promise,however, is that with diligent and honest practice, you can become fitter, more flexible and physically and mentally more healthy over time.

Suprfit Athlete Elli brings a vast experience in Yoga and CrossFit to our team – give it a shot yourself and follow her latest blog posts here!

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