The Battle of London 2014 and Suprfit

What a weekend! Not only was this event a celebration of fintess in its purest beauty but only one of the hardest fitness event of the year!
At 7 o’clock in the morning the Copper Box arena looked still but on the inside it was boiling with life and excitement- when we walked in all the vendors were prepairing their stalls for the show. We are happy to have been part of this incredible event. We got to meet a lot of new people and really be part of the CrossFit community.

Our stand
Our stand


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Our 2014 Suprfit Promotional Video Needs You!

You feel and train like and athlete and love modelling and being in front of the camera? You now have the chance to win a spot in the Suprfit promo video and work together with professional camera men, cutters and photographers.
The conditions are simple: submit a photo or a video of yourself doing a CrossFit workout or a CrossFit movement  and write a short text to it containing basic Infos like: age, weight and height. Our Suprfit athletes will chose two of you to shoot an amazing video with them. This is a one of time opportunity – we are looking for one male and one female athlete from all over Europe – so don’t waste time an submit your stuff as soon as possible.

The milestones of the campaign are: 

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Suprfit Merchandise – everything you need for your CrossFit training

CrossFit 6P - Germany Equipment from Xenios
CrossFit 6P – Germany
Equipment from Xenios

We at Suprfit Europe are professionals and as such we make sure our clients are our top priority at all times. This is why we have made it our task to have a great variety of the essential products on stock and we make sure you get our deliveries on time. We always have following products on stock:

But we are here for you not only to equip your box or garage gym. We also provide apparel and gear for your CrossFit workout. Make sure to check our line of Suprfit Apparel – we offer WOD shorts, hot pants, hoodies, wrist wraps and more!

If you have any questions about our merchandise or delivery times, feel free to contact us at [email protected] – our experts are ready to help you out. And don’t forget that we also have special offers for the box owners amongst you, so don’t hesitate to contact us.

WOD long and prosper,
Suprfit Europe


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The Battle of London 2014 and Suprfit Europe

Battle of London, we are coming!

We love the CrossFit community and we would love to see it grow further in Europe. This is why we decicded to show our love by sponsoring the one of the biggest CrossFit Events in Europe – the Battle of London.

This year's Battle of London is going to be epic.
This year’s Battle of London is going to be epic.

Along with other companies such as Again Faster, Pure Pharma, Iconx, Pullum, Proanox, Xenudurance and others we are happy to help this event come true.
Not only are we sponsors but also are going to have a vendor stall there, so you are more than welcome to visit us! We will be presenting our own designs and apparel. We are going to have special offers and a couple of surprises for you, so make sure you check us out.

Furthermore, our athletes are doing the qualifying WODs and we are more than happy that for now they are placing at what seems to be sure spots for entering the competition. These past years the London Throwdown has been so exciting, but the upgraded version is going to be epic! The Battle of London, I am convinced, will start a longterm tradition of competing for the years to come.

See you in London!

WOD long and prosper,

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Ben Smith doing an easy 140kg clean

The CrossFit Invitational 2013

What a weekend! The Invitational this year wasn’t something to be missed. We had the chance to see some of the best athletes in the CrossFit world crush four events within an hour and a half… But first our weekend:

The weekend was full of CrossFit spirit – you could meet familiar faces from the CrossFit community all over Berlin. Our team had the chance to visit a couple of CrossFit boxes before the big event.
As real CrossFitters we met at the bar on a Friday night – we visited CrossFit Werk, where the athletes themselves had been training for the whole week. We had an intensive WOD and great time there.

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Interview with our partner Xenios

Xenios is one of the major brands on the market today that produce equipment for CrossFit training. We are more than happy to have the opportunity to work with Xenios. Below is an interview with the director of Xenios Europe where you can read about the history of the brand and the equipment they produce. Below the interview you can find pictures of some CrossFit boxes that have been equiped with Xenios products.

1. Hello Jacopo, we would like to ask you a couple of questions about Xenios. Can you introduce yourself shortly and tell us few words about Xenios. (more…)

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Suprfit Strength Wraps

The Strength Wraps have been on the CrossFit scene since 2009 and athletes love them because of the convinience they provide. Well not only – also because they are stylish and admit it, we like stylish.
The Strength Wraps were developed specially for CrossFit athletes from a CrossFit athlete. This is what makes them so unique and perfect for our sport! The Strength Wraps provide join support while not disturbing your range of motion on the barbell – free exercises.

The classical Strength Wraps have three farbic thicknesses: light weight, medium weight und heavy weight. We at Suprfit have our customised strength wraps and
we have chosen the medium weight because it is the most commonly used and bought one. The medium weight strength wrap is made of 100% cotton and provides incredible joint
stability without decreasing your range of motion. (more…)

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We are Suprfit Europe

Aleks and Pierre doing some pistol-squats in beautiful Heidelberg
Aleks and Pierre doing some pistol-squats in beautiful Heidelberg.

Suprfit started in January 2012 and was the first online shop created for the special need of CrossFit athletes in Germany. After its great success in Germany, Suprfit is now going international….in Europe, at least for now.

Why Suprfit?

We are inspired by the sport of fitness and by its incredible community. We, ourselves, belong to it and know how important high-quality equipment and service can be. We had the feeling that the European market needs another shop for CrossFit equipment because our community continues to grow and thus its demands. (more…)

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