Elli Hachmann Pullup

Are you on an unnecessary plateau?

Remember when you started with fitness and any minimum effort was rewarded with maximum gains (#mg)?
And have you noticed that your progress has come to a halt lately?

Like many, you might be sabotaging your own progress by making small mistakes that have a big impact on your results without you even noticing it.

Elli Hachmann Pullup
Elli Hachmann Pullup – Photo: Klaus Heinzler

Here are the most common habits of athletes on a constant plateau:

1) Lack of high quality movement

While you may be training a lot, you may not be training well. And by that I mean the quality of your movements, not the quantity. More is not always better.
Some may not realise it or some may not even care as long as they go “RX”.
But if you want to improve over time (without getting injured by the way), then you will first have to establish good movement. Like, every day. It is what it is.

2) They go so hard

This type of person hardly takes days off, spends hours in the gym and – again- compromises form in order to move more weight.
The thing is, building strength happens while recovering. If you are always hitting it hard (or constantly going on competitions for example) you are never fully recovering or spending time to practice. Practice makes perfect, perfect form lets you lift heavier and rest days will ensure that you’re body can build stronger muscle tissue in the meantime.

3) They don’t listen to their coach

It’s that guy who’s been in the gym for a couple of years and still lifts with a rounded back or does kipping pull ups even though his coach told him to go strict (in order to build strength, idiot). It’s those people who ask for advice but never plan to follow it.
I don’t know what to say. But quite frankly, you don’t deserve to get stronger with that kind of attitude.

4) They work out alone

A lot of “athletes” have their own program now. That’s great if you have been coached for a while and know how to train safely and wisely. But a lot of people start to cheat on their wod, their reps and their technique when they aren’t held accountable for it.
If this is you, you need a group or a training partner to push you, check your form and hold you accountable. This is nothing bad. It’s just good to know. Surround yourself with the like-minded. Together you will become stronger and better athletes.

– Elli

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