Interview with our partner Xenios

Xenios is one of the major brands on the market today that produce equipment for CrossFit training. We are more than happy to have the opportunity to work with Xenios. Below is an interview with the director of Xenios Europe where you can read about the history of the brand and the equipment they produce. Below the interview you can find pictures of some CrossFit boxes that have been equiped with Xenios products.

1. Hello Jacopo, we would like to ask you a couple of questions about Xenios. Can you introduce yourself shortly and tell us few words about Xenios. (more…)

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Suprfit Strength Wraps

TheĀ Strength Wraps have been on the CrossFit scene since 2009 and athletes love them because of the convinience they provide. Well not only – also because they are stylish and admit it, we like stylish.
The Strength Wraps were developed specially for CrossFit athletes from a CrossFit athlete. This is what makes them so unique and perfect for our sport! The Strength Wraps provide join support while not disturbing your range of motion on the barbell – free exercises.

The classical Strength Wraps have three farbic thicknesses: light weight, medium weight und heavy weight. We at Suprfit have our customised strength wraps and
we have chosen the medium weight because it is the most commonly used and bought one. The medium weight strength wrap is made of 100% cotton and provides incredible joint
stability without decreasing your range of motion. (more…)

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